StringInsert["string", "snew", n]
yields a string with inserted starting at position in .

StringInsert["string", "snew", -n]
inserts at position from the end of .

StringInsert["string", "snew", {n1, n2, ...}]
inserts a copy of at each of the positions .

StringInsert[{s1, s2, ...}, "snew", n]
gives the list of results for each of the .


  • StringInsert["string", "snew", n] makes the first character of snew the ^(th) character in the new string.
  • StringInsert["string", "snew", -n] makes the last character of snew the ^(th) character from the end of the new string.
  • In StringInsert["string", "snew", {n1, n2, ...}] the are taken to refer to positions in before any insertion is done. »
New in 2 | Last modified in 5.1
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