is a graphics directive that specifies that obj should be used as a texture on faces of polygons and other filled graphics objects.


  • Texture[...] provides a texture that can be applied to faces of polygons by setting VertexTextureCoordinates.
  • Texture can be used in both Graphics and Graphics3D.
  • Texture[image] can be used to specify a 2D texture based on an image.
  • Textures can be any one-, two-, or three-dimensional arrays of colors.
  • The following forms can be used to explicitly specify the color values for textures:
  • Texture[{c1,c2,...}]a 1D texture of colors
    Texture[{{c11,c12,...},...}]a 2D texture of colors
    Texture[{{{c111,c112,...},...},...}]a 3D texture of colors
  • Each color can be either a list of the form corresponding to RGBColor[r, g, b], or a list of the form corresponding to RGBColor[r, g, b, a].
  • Texture[obj] is equivalent to Texture[Rasterize[obj]] and will rasterize obj at the size and resolution it would normally be displayed in a notebook.
  • Opacity can be used with Texture to specify overall opacity of textures. »
  • Texture can be used in FaceForm to texture front and back faces differently. »
  • The colors in Texture are taken to be diffuse colors in their interaction with Lighting. »
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