Tuples[list, n]
generates a list of all possible n-tuples of elements from list.

Tuples[{list1, list2, ...}]
generates a list of all possible tuples whose i^(th) element is from .


  • The elements of list are treated as distinct, so that Tuples[list, n] for a list of length k gives output of length .
  • The order of elements in Tuples[list, n] is based on the order of elements in list, so that Tuples[{a1, ..., ak}, n] gives .
  • Tuples[list, {n1, n2, ...}] generates a list of all possible ... arrays of elements in list.
  • The object list need not have head List. The head at each level in the arrays generated by Tuples will be the same as the head of list.
New in 5.1
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