launches a simulation of synchronized with real time.

simulates from to .


  • returns a WSMSimulationConnection object.
  • By default, the simulation will continue until stopped.
  • takes the same arguments and options as WSMSimulate, with the following addition:
  • RefreshRateAutomaticcommunications per second
  • With Method ->{"opt1"val1,}, the following can be used:
  • "IP"Automaticinterfaces to listen on
    "Port"Automaticport to listen on
    "WriteSimulationData"Falsewrite results to file
  • Possible options for are:
  • Automaticlisten on local host
    Alllisten on all interfaces
    "ip"listen on ip
  • Possible options for are:
  • Automaticautomatically choose a port
    portlisten on port