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Wolfram SystemModeler Link
Wolfram SystemModeler Link provides functionality for integrating Wolfram SystemModeler and Mathematica. In SystemModeler, you can create dynamic models using components and connections with an easy drag-and-drop interface, as well as perform basic simulation-based analysis.
With SystemModeler Link, you combine the full power of Mathematica with complete access to models and simulations. Based on simulations, you can compute performance measures such as overshoot, visualize systems and properties, perform parameter sweeps, and optimize parameter settings. Based on models, you can find linearizations and do control design using a variety of control design methods.
Simulation-Related Properties
WSMSimulate simulate a Modelica model
WSMPlot plot simulation results
Model-Related Properties
WSMModelData find properties for Modelica models
WSMLinearize linearize a Modelica model
WSMModelCenter start SystemModeler Model Center
WSMSimulationCenter start SystemModeler Simulation Center
Importing and Exporting
"MO" import Modelica models
"SME" import SystemModeler simulation results
"ModelicaCombiTimeTable" export data for Modelica CombiTimeTable component