generates C code from the compiled function cfun using the name as the exported function name, and saves in the file name.c.


generates output in filename.

CCodeGenerate[{cfun1,cfun2,},{ name1,name2,},filename]

generates C code from several compiled functions and saves in filename.


  • To use CCodeGenerate, you first need to load it using Needs["CCodeGenerator`"].
  • CCodeGenerate can make standalone code or a Wolfram Library.
  • The Wolfram Language contains the necessary headers and libraries for standalone code.
  • You can generate a header for the generated code by setting "CodeTarget" to "WolframRTLHeader".
  • The following option can be given:
  • "CodeTarget""WolframRTL"the type of code to generate


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Basic Examples  (1)

First, load the package:

Generate C code into a file:

Display the file of C code:

Generate code from two compiled functions:

Display the file of C code:

Options  (1)

CodeTarget  (1)

First, load the package:

By default, standalone C code is generated:

This generates the header file for the export: