Wolfram CloudConnector for Excel integrates the Wolfram Cloud to Microsoft Excel, delivering the power of the Wolfram technology stack while keeping the familiarity of the Excel interface.

Go beyond the basic calculation and charting functionality of Excel with the computational and visualization power of the Wolfram Language, the data resources of Wolfram|Alpha technology and the centralized computation model of the Wolfram Cloud.

There are two forms of Wolfram Cloud: the Wolfram Public Cloud and the Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud. The Wolfram CloudConnector works with both of them.

Features and Benefits

Wolfram CloudConnector for Excel is focused on providing high-end computation to Microsoft Excel. There are different categories of users who will interact with and benefit from CloudConnector.

Excel User

Excel users can create new, high-powered spreadsheets or boost existing Excel spreadsheets with Wolfram API functionality, without ever having to leave the Excel application.


Developers benefit from using the Wolfram Language through the whole development cycle, using the simple language to solve complex problems and instantly deploying to the Wolfram Cloud. The implementation of any solution is remote from the Excel user. This means that calculations are done on a remote server, and it is therefore easier to protect any proprietary information.

Administrator (Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud)

When Wolfram CloudConnector or Excel is used with a Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud, additional benefits are unlocked for administrators. This includes features such as control access via user groups, as well as logging and auditing tools. Administrators can scale hardware needs for computation in a central location. In addition, centralized access to key resources such as databases and legacy code can be safer, since the number of pathways to these resources is reduced.