CloudConnector for Excel

Excel Functions

WolframAPI() call a Wolfram API from within Excel

Parameter() define a parameter within a Wolfram API

File() define a file from within a parameter

ArrayReference() defines a reference to a Wolfram API result

Wolfram() call a Wolfram Language expression from within Excel

Excel Menu Items

APIs Enabled enable execution of Wolfram APIs

Insert API Call open a templating dialog for Wolfram APIs

Insert File Path a dialog for defining files from Excel

Signed In Signs in and out of the Wolfram Cloud

Preferences define preference values for the plugin

Recalculate Workbook recalculate all formulas in the current workbook

Wolfram Language Functions for the Cloud

CloudDeploy  ▪  APIFunction  ▪  Interpreter  ▪  AllowedCloudExtraParameters  ▪  Permissions  ▪  "ExcelDate"