evaluates f[param1,param2,] in the cloud.


  • The Wolfram function is designed to be used in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The Wolfram function calls a Wolfram expression and can take additional arguments.
  • The additional arguments can be a string, a number or a range of cells in Excel.
  • The number of additional arguments can be zero.
  • Full usage of the Wolfram function is outlined in the Cloud Connector for Excel tutorial.


Basic Examples  (5)

  • A Wolfram function that calls RandomInteger:
  • =Wolfram("RandomInteger")
  • A Wolfram function that calls RandomInteger with additional arguments:
  • =Wolfram("RandomInteger",5,10)
  • This is the equivalent of running the following function:
  • In[1]:=
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  • A Wolfram function that calls RandomInteger with Excel references as arguments:
  • =Wolfram("RandomInteger",A1,A2)
  • Calling a pure function from the Wolfram function:
  • =Wolfram("#1+#2&",5,6)
  • Calling an expression that is not a function:
  • =Wolfram("Now&")