Calling the Wolfram Function

The CloudConnector for Excel uses the Wolfram Excel function to execute Wolfram Language code in the Wolfram Cloud. This requires some knowledge of the Wolfram Language. However, there is no need to deploy a Wolfram API.

You must be signed in for the Wolfram function to operate.

In the Wolfram Public Cloud, using the Wolfram function will consume your cloud credits. More information on this is found in the Cloud Credits Usage section. In a Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud, there is no accounting system.


Wolframcall a Wolfram ExpressionWolfram("RandomInteger",n1,n2,)

The Wolfram function takes a Wolfram Language expression along with any arguments:


This is the equivalent of the following code:

More examples of how to fully utilize the Wolfram function can be found on the Wolfram Function Examples page.