Setting Excel Preferences

The Preferences are accessed from the Wolfram tab in Excel.

There are three categories: General, Timeouts and Advanced.


Cloud Base

The Cloud Base is the full URL of a Wolfram Cloud. If you are connecting to an Enterprise Private Cloud, the value is known by your administrator.

Default Cloud Account

The Default Cloud Account is a default setting for Wolfram API calls. It is useful when a single account is used to make the majority of API calls. However, it can be left empty.

More information on cloud accounts can be found in The Cloud Account section.

Verify Security Certificates

By default, CloudConnector verifies the security certificates of the Wolfram Cloud that it connects to. If connecting to an Enterprise Private Cloud, these certificates may not be available. In this case, you may uncheck this to turn off certificate verification if you are asked to by your system administrator.

Wolfram Cloud Test

To check that everything has been set up correctly, you can click the Test button. This will run a series of tests to help identify any points of failure in the system.

Your changes must be confirmed before the Test button is enabled.

If your test has any failures, please check that your preference settings are correct. If problems persist, please consult the Troubleshooting section.


API Client Timeout

This value sets how long to wait for an API run before showing the API timeout dialog.

API Server Timeout

This value tells the server how long to wait for a computation to finish before automatic cancellation.



This setting turns on logging for debugging purposes only.