Upgrading from:


All the functionality of NumericalMath`EquationTrekker` is now available in the newly created Equation Trekker Package.

To access functionality from the new Equation Trekker Package, load EquationTrekker`:

Version 5.2 << NumericalMath`EquationTrekker`;
EquationTrekker[y''[x] + y[x] == 0, y, {x, \[Pi]/8, 2 \[Pi]}]
Equation Trekker Package

Many functions from NumericalMath`EquationTrekker` are now found in the Equation Trekker Package:

DifferentialEquationTrek EquationTrekker EquationTrekkerNonModal EquationTrekkerState InitializeGenerator PoincareSection TrekData TrekGenerator TrekParameters