Upgrading from:


Distributions defined in this package have been added to the built-in Mathematica kernel.
Random and RandomArray are replaced by RandomReal.

Distributions related to the univariate normal distribution are now part of the builtin Mathematica kernel:

Version 5.2 << Statistics`NormalDistribution`;
Mean[NormalDistribution[\[Mu], \[Sigma]]]

Random elements for continuous distributions are generated via RandomReal:

Version 5.2 << Statistics`NormalDistribution`;
Random[FRatioDistribution[5, 10]]
Version 5.2 << Statistics`NormalDistribution`;
RandomArray[FRatioDistribution[5, 10], 5]

PercentagePoint was available in an add-on package in previous versions of Mathematica and is now available on the web at library.wolfram.com/infocenter/MathSource/6832.