Developer Utilities Package

The Developer Utilities Package includes functions that directly access specific internal algorithms and capabilities of the Wolfram Language that are normally used only as part of more general functions.

$MaxMachineInteger maximum integer represented as an atomic data element

MachineIntegerQ whether a number is represented as a machine-size integer

BesselSimplify transform Bessel functions in an expression

GammaSimplify transform gamma functions

PolyGammaSimplify transform polygamma functions

ZetaSimplify transform zeta functions

PolyLogSimplify transform polylogarithm functions

TrigToRadicals convert trigonometric functions to radicals in an expression

ToPackedArray convert the internal representation of an expression to a packed array

FromPackedArray unpack a packed array

PackedArrayForm print packed arrays in summary form

PackedArrayQ whether an expression is a packed array of an optionally given type

Notebook Manipulation

CellInformation information about selected cells in a given notebook object

NotebookConvert convert a notebook from a legacy version of Mathematica

ReplaceAllUnheld apply rules to parts of an expression that would be evaluated