The functionality provided by GUIKit has been superseded by the interface construction and controls functions native to the built-in Wolfram Language.

Wolfram Workbench Support for GUIKit

The Wolfram Workbench is a development environment for the Wolfram Language. Some of its features include the following.


When you run your project in a debug mode, you can set breakpoints in script definitions. When you interact with the GUI and reach code that has a breakpoint, the Workbench will enter a breakpoint display. This shows you the different stack frames and their source code as well as other useful information such as local variables and their values. In this way you can inspect the state of the Wolfram System as it runs your GUI; this lets you correct problems and can be very valuable in developing your user interface. A sample of a Workbench debugging session is shown below.

Sample Workbench debugging session for a GUI.