As of Version 10, all the functionality of the GraphUtilities package is built into the Wolfram System. >>


opens an interactive graph editor.


plots the graph g in the interactive graph editor.


  • To use GraphEdit, you first need to load the Graph Utilities Package using Needs["GraphUtilities`"].
  • The graph g may be specified by a rule list, an adjacency matrix, or the Combinatorica representation of a graph.
  • Vertices and edges can be added by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Vertices can be moved after setting "Drawing mode" to "Move" and dragging the mouse on the vertices. Vertices can be deleted after setting "Drawing mode" to "Delete" and selecting the vertices to be deleted using a mouse click.
  • Users can hold the key and click the vertex (using the first mouse button) in the GraphEdit window to edit the vertex labels.
  • When the window is closed, a drawing of the graph, a representation of the graph as a list of rules, the coordinates, and the vertex labels are returned.


Basic Examples  (1)

Plot a graph in the interactive graph editor: