Java Objects in the Wolfram Language

LoadJavaClass load and set up a Java class for use from the Wolfram Language

JavaClass expression that represents a Java class

JavaNew create a Java object of a specified class

JavaObject expression that represents a Java class

MakeJavaObject, MakeJavaExpr create a Java object that represents an expression

Constructors, Methods, Fields information about classes

JavaObjectQ whether an expression is a valid Java object reference

InstanceOf whether an object is an instance of a certain class or interface

SameObjectQ whether two JavaObject expressions reference the same Java object

LoadedJavaObjects, LoadedJavaClasses list all Java objects or classes in use

ClassName get the fully qualified name of a class

GetClass, ParentClass get the JavaClass representing a Java object's class or parent class

ReturnAsJavaObject return an object reference instead of its value

JavaObjectToExpression convert an object reference into its value

ImplementJavaInterface implement a Java interface via callbacks to the Wolfram Language