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IKernelLink.Put Method 

Sends an object, including strings and arrays. Overrides the IMathLink version to allow you to send objects "by reference" that have no meaningful value representation in Mathematica.

[Visual Basic]
Sub Put( _
   ByVal obj As Object _
void Put(
   object obj


The object to send.


TypeSent As:
nullthe symbol Null
stringMathematica string
arraylist of the appropriate dimensions
boxed primitive (Int32, Boolean, etc.)the unboxed value
Complex classComplex number
all other objectsNETObject expression

Put sends objects that meaningful "value" representations in Mathematica as their values, and behaves like PutReference for objects that have no meaningful value and therefore must be sent by reference (that is, as NETObject expressions).

You must call EnableObjectReferences before Put will be able to send objects by reference.


Exception Type Condition
MathLinkException On any MathLink error.

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