.NET/Link API Version 1.7 USE FRAMES

Wolfram.NETLink Namespace

The main .NET/Link namespace. Looking for a place to start? Try the IKernelLink interface.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
Expr A representation of arbitrary Mathematica expressions in .NET.
ExprFormatException The exception thrown by the "AsXXX" methods of the Expr class (e.g., AsInt64, AsDouble, AsArray, etc.)
MathDelegate Contains the CreateDelegate method, which creates delegate objects that invoke a specified Mathematica function.
MathematicaNotReadyException This exception is thrown in RequestTransaction when the kernel is not in a state where it is receptive to calls that originate in .NET, such as calls initiated by user actions in a .NET user interface.
MathKernel MathKernel is a non-visual component that provides a very high-level interface for interacting with Mathematica. It is especially intended for use in visual programming environments, as it is highly configurable via properties.
MathLinkException The exception thrown by methods in the IMathLink and IKernelLink interfaces when a link error occurs.
MathLinkFactory MathLinkFactory is the class that is used to construct objects of the various link interfaces (IKernelLink, IMathLink, and ILoopbackLink).
NETLinkConstants A handful of constants, including the .NET/Link version number.
StdLink StdLink is a container for some methods and state related to the link back to the kernel.
TypeLoader TypeLoader is the class responsible for loading all assemblies and types from the Mathematica functions LoadNETAssembly and LoadNETType.


Interface Description
IKernelLink The link interface that most programmers will use.
ILinkMark Represents a mark in the incoming MathLink data stream that you can seek back to.
ILoopbackLink Represents a special type of link known as a loopback link.
IMathLink IMathLink is the low-level interface that is the root of all link objects in .NET/Link. The methods in IMathLink correspond roughly to a subset of those in the C-language MathLink API.


Delegate Description
MessageHandler Represents the method that will handle the MessageArrived event.
PacketHandler Represents the method that will handle the PacketArrived event.
YieldFunction Represents the method that will handle the Yield event.


Enumeration Description
ExpressionType Designates the type of a Mathematica expression being read or written on a link, or in an Expr. Used by the IMathLink methods PutNext, GetExpressionType, and GetNextExpressionType, and by the Expr class.
MathKernel.ResultFormatType Values for the ResultFormat property. These values specify the format in which results from computations should be returned.
MathLinkMessage Designates the type of a low-level MathLink message.
PacketType Designates a MathLink packet type. Used by the PacketHandler delegate, and returned by NextPacket.