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IMathLink Interface

IMathLink is the low-level interface that is the root of all link objects in .NET/Link. The methods in IMathLink correspond roughly to a subset of those in the C-language MathLink API.

For a list of all members of this type, see IMathLink Members.


[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IMathLink
public interface IMathLink


Most programmers will deal instead with objects of type IKernelLink, a higher-level interface that extends IMathLink and incorporates the assumption that the program on the other side of the link is a Mathematica kernel.

You create objects of type IMathLink via the CreateMathLink method. Again, though, most programmers will use IKernelLink instead of IMathLink.

Most IMathLink methods throw a MathLinkException if a link-related error occurs. Examples would be calling EndPacket before sending a complete expression, or calling GetFunction when an integer is waiting on the link.

For additional information about these methods, see the .NET/Link User Guide, and also the MathLink documentation in the Mathematica book. Most of these methods are substantially similar, if not identical, to their C counterparts as documented in the book.


Namespace: Wolfram.NETLink

Assembly: Wolfram.NETLink (in Wolfram.NETLink.dll)

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