Notation Package

The Notation Package allows you to extend the Wolfram Language so it understands and functions correctly with new typeset notations. Typically, new notations are defined by constructing explicit MakeExpression and MakeBoxes rules. The Notation Package provides functionality for introducing new notations easily, intuitively, and graphically.

Defining Notations

Notation create a custom notation for input and output

Symbolize force a box structure to be treated as a single symbol

InfixNotation force a box structure to be treated as an infix operator

Removing Defined Notations

RemoveNotation remove a custom notation

RemoveSymbolize remove the symbolization of a box structure

RemoveInfixNotation remove the definition of a custom infix operator

ClearNotations clear all custom notations, symbolizations, and infix operators

Input Aliases

AddInputAlias add an alias in the current notebook

ActiveInputAliases list of active aliases in a notebook

UpdateNotebookStyles add the custom style and input alias notations to a notebook