assigns the value of the Wolfram Language expression expr to a variable var in the R workspace, returning back the value of expr upon success and $Failed upon failure.

Details and Options

  • Use RSet to send Wolfram Language expressions to R.
  • The variable name var must be a string, but is not restricted to be the name of a valid R variable. It can actually be any piece of R code, which represents a legal lhs for the purposes of assignments in R (it is an L-value).
  • The expression expr must be of the type convertible to R. Normally, you can use the ToRForm function to obtain an internal RLink representation for Wolfram Language expressions you want to send to R, and at the same time test whether or not your expression is legal.
  • RSet works with both the short and long (internal) forms of the expression expr. The form of an expression that is returned is the same as the one used for expr.


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Basic Examples  (5)

Send a single number to R:

Now send a vector:

Add these in R:

Change the dimensions of the vector v in R:

Now v becomes a matrix:

Send another matrix to R:

Compute a matrix product in R:

Do the same in the Wolfram Language:

Send a nested list to R (which will be stored as an R list):

Test the type of R lst variable:

Assign a different expression to the first part of the list:


Sending an expression that cannot be converted to one of the R types fails:

You can see that also by using ToRForm:

Neat Examples  (1)

Start with a text:

Split it into characters:

Send it to R:

Use R data frames to compute frequencies of letters:

Frequencies can specifically be extracted, for example, like this:

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