returns the face markers for a TetGen expression.


  • To use TetGenGetFaceMarkers, you first need to load it using Needs["TetGenLink`"].
  • TetGenGetFaceMarkers returns a list of integers that specify which facets have the same markers.


Basic Examples  (1)

First, load the package:

This creates an instance of a TetGen expression:

This sets up points and facets to use:

This sets the points and facets in the TetGen instance:

This sets the point and facet markers:

This carries out the tetrahedralization, returning a new TetGen instance:

This extracts the points and elements from the tetrahedralization:

This visualizes the surface mesh as a wire frame:

To extract the face markers, you use TetGenGetFaceMarkers:

This shows all available facet markers:

This shows facets according to some selected markers: