Calling The Wolfram Language From Unity

The Wolfram Language UnityLink system provides a complete library for calling the Wolfram Language from within Unity editor and games.

Wolfram Language

WolframLanguage native C# class for calling the Wolfram Language

WolframLanguage.Evaluate() send a Wolfram Language expression for evaluation

WolframLanguage.Information() give information about the Wolfram System

WolframLanguage.CloudEvaluate() evaluate a Wolfram Language expression in the cloud

Wolfram DataDrop

WolframDatabin native C# class for accessing a databin

WolframDatabin.ID set or get the databin ID.

WolframDatabin.Add() add data to the databin

Wolfram Menu

Wolfram 3D Object create 3D game object with a given geometry

Wolfram 2D Object create 2D game object with a specified geometry

Wolfram Kernel Evaluation start, quit and configure Wolfram System engine

Wolfram Preferences set preference for system settings, etc.

"Cylinder"  ▪  "Cuboid"  ▪  "Sphere"  ▪  "Ellipsoid"  ▪  "Spikey"  ▪  "Capsule"  ▪  "Parallelepiped"  ▪  "Pyramid"  ▪  "Prism"  ▪  "Tetrahedron"  ▪  "Triangle"  ▪  "Disk"  ▪  "Plane"  ▪  "Parallelogram"  ▪  "Annulus"  ▪  "Polygon"

Assets Menu Extension

Create Wolfram Package create a Wolfram package for run-time scripting

Create Wolfram Notebook create a Wolfram notebook