public object WolframLanguage.CloudEvaluate(string str)

sends a string str to the Wolfram Language for evaluation.


  • WolframLanguage.CloudEvaluate() is a member function of the WolframLanguage class.
  • WolframLanguage.CloudEvaluate() is only available for use in Unity scripts.
  • WolframLanguage.CloudEvaluate() sends a string suitable for use with ToExpression for evaluation.
  • WolframLanguage.CloudEvaluate() return null object on failure and a dynamic type object on success.


Basic Examples  (1)

Find the next rise time for a planet from your location and time:

using UnityEngine;

public class demo : MonoBehaviour
public WolframLanguage wl;
string s = @"DateString[Entity["Planet","Venus"]["RiseTime"]]";

void Start()
string res = (string) wl.CloudEvaluate(s);