Effect Components

Unity provides a variety of components for creating visual effects that can be applied to cameras, game objects, light sources, and other elements of your game. The Wolfram Language allows you to create and manipulate these effects in a symbolic form.

Particle System Component

UnityParticleSystem represents a particle system

UnityParticleSystemQ test whether an object is a particle system

CreateUnityParticleSystem create a particle system

DeleteUnityParticleSystem delete a particle system

Trail Renderer Component

UnityTrailRenderer represents a trail renderer

UnityTrailRendererQ test whether an object is a trail renderer

CreateUnityTrailRenderer create a trail renderer

DeleteUnityTrailRenderer delete a trail renderer

Line Renderer Component

UnityLineRenderer represents a line renderer

UnityLineRendererQ test whether an object is a line renderer

CreateUnityLineRenderer create a line renderer

DeleteUnityLineRenderer delete a line renderer

Lens Flare Component

UnityLensFlare represents a lens flare

UnityLensFlareQ test whether an object is a lens flare

CreateUnityLensFlare create a lens flare

DeleteUnityLensFlare delete a lens flare

Halo Component

UnityHalo represents a halo

UnityHaloQ test whether an object is a halo

CreateUnityHalo create a halo

DeleteUnityHalo delete a halo

Projector Component

UnityProjector represents a projector

UnityProjectorQ test whether an object is a projector

CreateUnityProjector create a projector

DeleteUnityProjector delete a projector