Navigation Components

Navigation components allow game objects to move around your game by using navigation meshes. A navigation component can represent a navigation mesh agent, obstacle, or off-mesh link. These components provide you with controls into how characters can move in your game. The Wolfram Language allows navigation components to be represented in a symbolic form that can be manipulated immediately.

Nav Mesh Agent Component

UnityNavMeshAgent represents a nav mesh agent

UnityNavMeshAgentQ test whether an object is a nav mesh agent

CreateUnityNavMeshAgent create a nav mesh agent

DeleteUnityNavMeshAgent delete a nav mesh agent

Nav Mesh Obstacle Component

UnityNavMeshObstacle represents a nav mesh obstacle

UnityNavMeshObstacleQ test whether an object is a nav mesh obstacle

CreateUnityNavMeshObstacle create a nav mesh obstacle

DeleteUnityNavMeshObstacle delete a nav mesh obstacle

Off Mesh Link Component

UnityOffMeshLink represents a off mesh link

UnityOffMeshLinkQ test whether an object is a off mesh link

CreateUnityOffMeshLink create a off mesh link

DeleteUnityOffMeshLink delete a off mesh link