Physics Components

Physics components allow game objects to accelerate correctly and be affected by collisions and other forces. Adding physics components to game objects can give them the dynamics of a vehicle or even fabric. However, physics components will not move game objects on their own. The Wolfram Language allows scenes to be represented in a symbolic form that can be manipulated immediately.

Rigidbody Component

UnityRigidbody represents a rigidbody

UnityRigidbodyQ test whether an object is a rigidbody

CreateUnityRigidbody create a rigidbody

DeleteUnityRigidbody delete a rigidbody

Box Collider Component

UnityBoxCollider represents a box collider

UnityBoxColliderQ test whether an object is a box collider

CreateUnityBoxCollider create a box collider

DeleteUnityBoxCollider delete a box collider

Sphere Collider Component

UnitySphereCollider represents a sphere collider

UnitySphereColliderQ test whether an object is a sphere collider

CreateUnitySphereCollider create a sphere collider

DeleteUnitySphereCollider delete a sphere collider

Capsule Collider Component

UnityCapsuleCollider represents a capsule collider

UnityCapsuleColliderQ test whether an object is a capsule collider

CreateUnityCapsuleCollider create a capsule collider

DeleteUnityCapsuleCollider delete a capsule collider

Mesh Collider Component

UnityMeshCollider represents a mesh collider

UnityMeshColliderQ test whether an object is a mesh collider

CreateUnityMeshCollider create a mesh collider

DeleteUnityMeshCollider delete a mesh collider

Terrain Collider Component

UnityTerrainCollider represents a terrain collider

UnityTerrainColliderQ test whether an object is a terrain collider

CreateUnityTerrainCollider create a terrain collider

DeleteUnityTerrainCollider delete a terrain collider

Wheel Collider Component

UnityWheelCollider represents a wheel collider

UnityWheelColliderQ test whether an object is a wheel collider

CreateUnityWheelCollider create a wheel collider

DeleteUnityWheelCollider delete a wheel collider

Character Controller Component

UnityCharacterController represents a character controller

UnityCharacterControllerQ test whether an object is a character controller

CreateUnityCharacterController create a character controller

DeleteUnityCharacterController delete a character controller

Character Joint Component

UnityCharacterJoint represents a character joint

UnityCharacterJointQ test whether an object is a character joint

CreateUnityCharacterJoint create a character joint

DeleteUnityCharacterJoint delete a character joint

Configurable Joint Component

UnityConfigurableJoint represents a configurable joint

UnityConfigurableJointQ test whether an object is a configurable joint

CreateUnityConfigurableJoint create a configurable joint

DeleteUnityConfigurableJoint delete a configurable joint

Fixed Joint Component

UnityFixedJoint represents a fixed joint

UnityFixedJointQ test whether an object is a fixed joint

CreateUnityFixedJoint create a fixed joint

DeleteUnityFixedJoint delete a fixed joint

Hinge Joint Component

UnityHingeJoint represents a hinge joint

UnityHingeJointQ test whether an object is a hinge joint

CreateUnityHingeJoint create a hinge joint

DeleteUnityHingeJoint delete a hinge joint

Spring Joint Component

UnitySpringJoint represents a spring joint

UnitySpringJointQ test whether an object is a spring joint

CreateUnitySpringJoint create a spring joint

DeleteUnitySpringJoint delete a spring joint

Cloth Component

UnityCloth represents a cloth

UnityClothQ test whether an object is a cloth

CreateUnityCloth create a cloth

DeleteUnityCloth delete a cloth

Constant Force Component

UnityConstantForce represents a constant force

UnityConstantForceQ test whether an object is a constant force

CreateUnityConstantForce create a constant force

DeleteUnityConstantForce delete a constant force