User Interface Components

User interface components integrate text, images, and handle interactions with buttons. These components allow you to create user interfaces in your game that invoke Unity events when the user interacts with the components.The Wolfram Language allows user interface components to be represented in a symbolic form that can be manipulated immediately.

Button Component

UnityButton represents a button

UnityButtonQ test whether an object is a button

CreateUnityButton create a button

DeleteUnityButton delete a button

Dropdown Component

UnityDropdown represents a dropdown

UnityDropdownQ test whether an object is a dropdown

CreateUnityDropdown create a dropdown

DeleteUnityDropdown delete a dropdown

Image Component

UnityImage represents a image

UnityImageQ test whether an object is a image

CreateUnityImage create a image

DeleteUnityImage delete a image

Input Field Component

UnityInputField represents a input field

UnityInputFieldQ test whether an object is a input field

CreateUnityInputField create a input field

DeleteUnityInputField delete a input field

Mask Component

UnityMask represents a mask

UnityMaskQ test whether an object is a mask

CreateUnityMask create a mask

DeleteUnityMask delete a mask

Raw Image Component

UnityRawImage represents a raw image

UnityRawImageQ test whether an object is a raw image

CreateUnityRawImage create a raw image

DeleteUnityRawImage delete a raw image

Rect Mask 2D Component

UnityRectMask2D represents a rect mask 2D

UnityRectMask2DQ test whether an object is a rect mask 2D

CreateUnityRectMask2D create a rect mask 2D

DeleteUnityRectMask2D delete a rect mask 2D

Scroll Rect Component

UnityScrollRect represents a scroll rect

UnityScrollRectQ test whether an object is a scroll rect

CreateUnityScrollRect create a scroll rect

DeleteUnityScrollRect delete a scroll rect

Scrollbar Component

UnityScrollbar represents a scrollbar

UnityScrollbarQ test whether an object is a scrollbar

CreateUnityScrollbar create a scrollbar

DeleteUnityScrollbar delete a scrollbar

Selectable Component

UnitySelectable represents a selectable

UnitySelectableQ test whether an object is a selectable

CreateUnitySelectable create a selectable

DeleteUnitySelectable delete a selectable

Slider Component

UnitySlider represents a slider

UnitySliderQ test whether an object is a slider

CreateUnitySlider create a slider

DeleteUnitySlider delete a slider

Text Component

UnityText represents a text

UnityTextQ test whether an object is a text

CreateUnityText create a text

DeleteUnityText delete a text

Toggle Component

UnityToggle represents a toggle

UnityToggleQ test whether an object is a toggle

CreateUnityToggle create a toggle

DeleteUnityToggle delete a toggle

Toggle Group Component

UnityToggleGroup represents a toggle group

UnityToggleGroupQ test whether an object is a toggle group

CreateUnityToggleGroup create a toggle group

DeleteUnityToggleGroup delete a toggle group

Position As UV1 Component

UnityPositionAsUV1 represents a position as UV1

UnityPositionAsUV1Q test whether an object is a position as UV1

CreateUnityPositionAsUV1 create a position as UV1

DeleteUnityPositionAsUV1 delete a position as UV1

Shadow Component

UnityShadow represents a shadow

UnityShadowQ test whether an object is a shadow

CreateUnityShadow create a shadow

DeleteUnityShadow delete a shadow

Outline Component

UnityOutline represents a outline

UnityOutlineQ test whether an object is a outline

CreateUnityOutline create a outline

DeleteUnityOutline delete a outline