Add the Wolfram Asset to a Unity Project

To use and interact with a Wolfram engine, a Unity project must include the Wolfram Asset package.

From a Wolfram Notebook

You can use UnityOpen to open a new or existing project. The Wolfram Asset will be automatically imported into the project.

  • The Wolfram Asset can be found in the Assets directory in the Project window.

From the Wolfram Engine

You can find the Wolfram Asset file Wolfram.unitypackage in the UnityLink resource directory $UnityLinkResourceDirectory. Drag and drop the asset file into the Unity asset folder under the Project view:

  • A Wolfram engine will automatically be launched after importing the Wolfram Asset. It can be connected to a notebook by setting the notebook kernel to Unity Kernel evaluator name.

From the Unity Asset Store

In the Unity editor, you can download the Wolfram Asset from the Unity Asset Store directly into your Unity project.