New in System Modeler Link 4

As of Version 11.3, most of the functionality of the WSMLink package is being phased out in favor of experimentally introduced functionality in the Wolfram System. »

Wolfram System Modeler 4 extends Wolfram Language and System Modeler integration in several ways, including stored plots, template notebooks and the creation of models and support for real-time simulation and visualization. Models can be created from systems and equations, or by connecting model components. Model simulations can be interacted with in real time, including controlling input, visualizing output and changing parameters. Existing functions have numerous feature extensions, performance enhancements and robustness improvements.

Stored Plots

WSMSetPlot store plot definition in model for easy plotting

WSMClearPlot remove plot definition from model

Workflow Templates

WSMCreateTemplateNotebook create notebooks to quickly get started with a task

WSMCreateTemplateCells insert cells to quickly get started with a task

Structured Modeling

WSMCreateModel create models from equations and other objects

WSMConnectComponents connect component models

WSMCreateDataModel create models from data

WSMCreateModelString  ▪  WSMNames  ▪  WSMConnectComponentsString

Real-Time Simulation

WSMRealTimeSimulate simulate models in real time

WSMRealTimePlot show live plots of variables in simulation

WSMRealTimeConnect  ▪  WSMSimulationConnection  ▪  WSMPlotUpdating

Reliability Modeling

WSMModelReliability compute reliability for a Modelica model

Improved Functionality

WSMPlot automatically simulate from model name, improved support for plot legends

WSMSimulate simulate models with NDSolve, use model settings

WSMModelData better equation support, diagrams, more properties

WSMSimulationData dynamic diagrams