New in System Modeler Link 5

As of Version 11.3, most of the functionality of the WSMLink package is being phased out in favor of experimentally introduced functionality in the Wolfram System. »

Wolfram System Modeler 5 deepens Wolfram Language and System Modeler integration, as well as adds new features such as easy parametric simulations, more model administration capabilities and a completely new way of handling names of models and variables.

Example Discovery

WSMExamples explore simulation-ready examples

Parametric Simulation

WSMParametricSimulateValue simulate for parameter variation, optimization, etc.

WSMParametricSimulate  ▪  WSMParametricFunction

Name Handling

DotName represent models and variables

WSMSensitivityName represent partial derivatives with respect to parameters

Model Administration

WSMSaveModel save models to file

WSMCopyModel  ▪  WSMDeleteModel  ▪  WSMRenameModel

Improved Functionality

WSMSimulate choose which variables to store

WSMModelData adaptively display icon, diagram or text form

WSMSetValues set strings in models

WSMSimulationData retrieve raw data from simulations

WSMCreateModel  ▪  WSMConnectComponents  ▪  WSMCreateDataModel

WSMSetPlot  ▪  WSMClearPlot

"MCTT" import and export data for Modelica CombiTimeTable components