Wolfram System Modeler Link

This page has been replaced by Wolfram System Modeler Overview

Wolfram System Modeler Link provides functionality for integrating Wolfram System Modeler and the Wolfram Language. In System Modeler, you can create dynamic models using components and connections with an easy drag-and-drop interface, as well as perform basic simulation-based analysis.  With System Modeler Link, you combine the full power of the Wolfram Language with complete access to models and simulations. Based on simulations, you can compute performance measures such as overshoot, visualize systems and properties, perform parameter sweeps and optimize parameter settings. Based on models, you can linearize and do control design using a variety of control design methods.

Simulation-Related Properties

WSMSimulate simulate a Modelica model

WSMPlot plot simulation results

WSMSimulationData  ▪  WSMSimulateSensitivity  ▪  WSMInitialValues  ▪  WSMParameterValues  ▪  WSMInputFunctions  ▪  WSMProgressMonitor

Model-Related Properties

WSMModelData find properties for Modelica models

WSMLinearize linearize a Modelica model

WSMModelReliability compute reliability for a Modelica model

WSMFindEquilibrium  ▪  WSMSetValues

Structured Modeling

WSMCreateModel create models from equations and other objects

WSMConnectComponents connect component models

WSMCreateDataModel create models from data

WSMCreateModelString  ▪  WSMConnectComponentsString

Real-Time Simulation

WSMRealTimeSimulate simulate models in real time

WSMRealTimePlot show live plots of variables in simulation

WSMRealTimeConnect  ▪  WSMSimulationConnection  ▪  WSMPlotUpdating

Stored Plots

WSMSetPlot store plot definition in model for easy plotting

WSMClearPlot remove plot definition from model

Workflow Templates

WSMCreateTemplateNotebook create notebooks to quickly get started with a task

WSMCreateTemplateCells insert cells to quickly get started with a task

System Modeler

WSMNames list loaded models

WSMModelCenter start System Modeler Model Center

WSMSimulationCenter start System Modeler Simulation Center

WSMCopyClass copy models

Importing and Exporting

"MO" import Modelica models

"SME" import System Modeler simulation results

"ModelicaCombiTimeTable" export data for Modelica CombiTimeTable component

"FMU" export FMI files