Amazon discontinued this web service. The AWS service connection can be used to interact with modern AWS service APIs.

Amazon Web Services Example is a well-known web retailer that specializes in books, music, movies, and many other products. Amazon has made a web service available that allows developers to interface with their database of products. A user can search for specific products, authors, artists, and so on. A query will return information (price, description, location, and so on) about the products that are found. This example demonstrates a Wolfram Language interface to the Amazon web service.

The Amazon web services are good demonstrations of using web services to retrieve data. This example searches the Amazon database for books written by certain authors, published by a certain manufacturer, or containing a certain keyword. The example code then places the results in a new notebook. The example has one option. Setting the ShowPictures option to True will force the code to retrieve and display the cover image of the book.

To try this example, evaluate all the initialization cells. (You can do this using Evaluation Evaluate Initialization Cells.) Then go to the examples here.