TerraService Web Services Example

TerraService.net is a website that provides access to aerial imagery and topographical maps of the United States. A web service has been provided that allows developers to access this data. Developers can use this data to provide maps and aerial imagery in their applications. This allows users of the Wolfram Language to use this data in the Wolfram Language. This example demonstrates an interface to TerraService using GUIKit and the Wolfram Language.

Microsoft TerraServer Web Service is a programmable interface to the popular Microsoft TerraServer online database of high-resolution United States Geological Survey (USGS) aerial imagery (DOQs) and scanned USGS topographical maps (DRGs). The user can specify the place to display by using the Place Search field. The place is expected to be a single string containing the city or well-known place name, state name, and country name separated by comma characters, such as "San Francisco, CA, USA". Any of the three values may be missing. The navigation panel can be used to move in a particular direction. The Latitude and Longitude fields can be used to specify a place at a particular latitude and longitude. The user can zoom in and zoom out using the Scale drop-down menu. The user can switch between aerial photographs and topological maps using the Theme drop-down menu.

More information about TerraService may be found at http://terraservice.net.

To try this example, you must have GUIKit installed. Then go to the examples here and evaluate the cell.