XMethods Web Services Example

XMethods.com is a website that lists publicly available web services. It is a great place for finding web services and advertising web services that you provide. This example queries the XMethods database and builds a notebook listing of each web service listed on XMethods. Each web service is listed with the title, description, and an InstallService function that can be used to install and use a service.

This example demonstrates using the XMethods Query Service to discover and use many of the web services available. This example searches the XMethods database for the web services registered. Once the query is finished, a user can conveniently browse through the services and install the services that may be interesting. If GetServiceSummaries is called again, the code will match service IDs with cell tags. If an ID exists as a cell tag, no new cells will be added. If an ID does not exist, the appropriate cells are added for the service.

To try this example, evaluate all the initialization cells. (You can do this using Evaluation Evaluate Initialization Cells.) Then go to the examples here.