XML Package

Symbolic XML

ToSymbolicXML, FromSymbolicXML convert between expressions and SymbolicXML

ToVerboseXML include explicit namespace information

ToCompactXML omit redundant namespace information

SymbolicXMLQ  ▪  SymbolicXMLErrors

RawXML raw string fragment of XML inside a SymbolicXML expression

XMLGet, XMLGetString get a SymbolicXML expression using an optional parser

InitializeXMLParser  ▪  ReleaseXMLParser

Symbolic MathML

ExpressionToSymbolicMathML convert expressions to Symbolic MathML

SymbolicMathMLToExpression convert Symbolic MathML to expressions

SymbolicMathMLToBoxes  ▪  BoxesToSymbolicMathML

Symbolic ExpressionML

ExpressionToSymbolicExpressionML  ▪  SymbolicExpressionMLToExpression