Wolfram|Alpha Integration

The Wolfram Language has integrated interactive and programmatic access to the full power of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine, using it to allow free-form linguistic input of computations and programs, as well as extensive data and computation capabilities that rely on the Wolfram|Alpha knowledgebase and curated data.

( at beginning of input) use free-form linguistics to generate Wolfram Language output

( at beginning of input) generate full Wolfram|Alpha output

() enter free-form linguistics for conversion to inline Wolfram Language input

open/close complete Wolfram|Alpha output

Wolfram|Alpha result chosen for use in the Wolfram System

Programmatic Access

WolframAlpha get results in many possible forms from Wolfram|Alpha

"FullOutput" fully formatted Wolfram|Alpha output

"MathematicaParse" Wolfram Language expression corresponding to the query

"MathematicaResult" pure standard Wolfram Language result (if any)

"DataRules" a list of available exposed data

"Validate" whether the query can be interpreted by Wolfram|Alpha

"XML" raw XML data

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IncludePods  ▪  ExcludePods  ▪  PodStates  ▪  InputAssumptions