represents an object that displays as e, but dynamically updates the expression expr whenever that object is visible on screen.

Details and Options

  • The displayed e is not treated as dynamic, although it can contain explicit Dynamic expressions.
  • The expression expr is not displayed anywhere.
  • DynamicWrapper has the attribute HoldRest.
  • DynamicWrapper takes the same options as Dynamic.
  • List of all options


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Basic Examples  (1)

Display static content while dynamically updating an expression:

Assign a value to the independent variable above:

Display the dependent and independent variables:

Scope  (3)

The same constructs which control evaluation in Dynamic work in DynamicWrapper:

The first argument can contain a Dynamic, which may interact with the DynamicWrapper evaluation:

Unlike Dynamic, DynamicWrapper cannot be used as an argument to a control:

Properties & Relations  (3)

As with Dynamic, a DynamicWrapper will not evaluate its contents if it is not displayed:

CompoundExpression in a Dynamic can be used to evaluate multiple expressions:

DynamicWrapper instead resolves its first argument at the time TemplateBox[{shift, return}, Key1, BaseStyle -> {ExampleText, FontWeight -> Plain, FontFamily -> Source Sans Pro}] is pressed:

Initialization sets an evaluation that will only happen a single time at Dynamic creation:

DynamicWrapper sets an evaluation that may happen repeatedly:

Possible Issues  (1)

DynamicWrapper will only update its computation while being displayed:

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