represents PID data generated by PIDTune function.


  • A PIDData[] object pid can be used to retrieve data through pid["property"].
  • A list of available properties is given by pid["Properties"]. Additional details about the properties are listed on the page for PIDTune.
  • Typical properties include:
  • "ReferenceOutput"transfer function from the reference to the output
    "Feedback"feedback controller transfer function
    "DisturbanceOutput"transfer function from the disturbance to the output
    "Feedforward"feedforward filter transfer function
    "FeedbackIdealParameters"p, i, and d terms in the ideal form
    "TuningRule"the chosen tuning rule


Basic Examples  (1)

Create a PIDData object:

Obtain a list of available properties:

Extract a property:

Retrieve a list of properties:

Introduced in 2012