Classical Analysis and Design

The Wolfram Language provides a full suite of tools needed for the classical analysis and design of control systems, leveraging the Wolfram Language's hybrid symbolic-numeric arithmetic capabilities as well as high-quality visualization methods. Built-in frequency response analysis tools include Bode, Nyquist, and Nichols plots, as well as singular-value visualization.

RootLocusPlot plot root locations as a parameter varies

Frequency Responses

BodePlot magnitude and phase plots of the frequency response

NyquistPlot polar plot of the frequency response

NicholsPlot magnitude vs. phase plot of the frequency response

GainPhaseMargins compute gain and phase margins

GainMargins  ▪  PhaseMargins

SingularValuePlot plot singular values of the frequency response

PID Tuning

PIDTune automatic PID tuning for any linear system

PIDFeedforward  ▪  PIDDerivativeFilter


FeedbackType  ▪  FeedbackSector  ▪  FeedbackSectorStyle  ▪  NicholsGridLines  ▪  NyquistGridLines  ▪  PhaseRange  ▪  PlotLayout  ▪  PoleZeroMarkers  ▪  StabilityMargins  ▪  StabilityMarginsStyle