is an option to frequency response plots such as BodePlot, NyquistPlot, and NicholsPlot that specifies the gain and phase margins to be shown on the plot.


  • With StabilityMargins->True, the gain and phase margins are shown on the plot, and with StabilityMargins->False they are not shown.
  • StabilityMargins->{{fp,g},{fg,p}} shows the gain margin g at the phase crossover frequency fp and the phase margin p at the gain crossover frequency fg.
  • StabilityMargins->{{{fp 1,g1},{fp 2,g2},},{{fg 1,p1},{fg 2,p2},}} shows the margins at frequencies fpi and fgi.
  • The crossover frequencies are the units of the complex variable of the TransferFunctionModel in the plot, the gain margins are in absolute values, and the phase margins are in radians.


Basic Examples  (2)

Stability margins can be shown on all the frequency response plots:

Use precomputed gain and phase margins:

Introduced in 2010