Microcontroller Kit

Microcontrollers are found in innumerable applications, and their visibility and usage has expanded a great deal with the maker movement. A microcontroller is part hardware and part software. The software can be code for data acquisition, a controller, a filter, or a model to be simulated. The generation and deployment of code typically involves several iterations before the desired objectives of the project are met.

The Microcontroller Kit provides a high-level and automated mechanism to generate and deploy code to microcontrollers. At its core is a superfunction that enables an easy-to-use and powerful interface to experiment with and iterate various design solutions. The higher level of automation eliminates the error-prone and tedious iterations of the lower-level source code, and thus allows for greater flexibility and efficiency to the overall project workflow.

Sample Projects

explore step-by-step workflows of sample projects

Deploying Models

MicrocontrollerEmbedCode generates, compiles, and deploys code to microcontrollers

MicrocontrollerCodeData data from the microcontroller code

MicrocontrollerFamily MicrocontrollerTarget MicrocontrollerVendor

Linear System Models »

StateSpaceModel model using discrete- or continuous-time state space representation

TransferFunctionModel model using discrete- or continuous-time transfer functions

Nonlinear System Models »

AffineStateSpaceModel model using affine nonlinear state space representations

NonlinearStateSpaceModel model using a general nonlinear state space representation

Connected Models »

SystemsConnectionsModel provide general connection between model objects

SystemsModelFeedbackConnect  ▪  SystemsModelSeriesConnect  ▪  ...

Filter Models »

ButterworthFilterModel a Butterworth transfer function

Chebyshev1FilterModel  ▪  BiquadraticFilterModel  ▪  ...

Discretizing Models

ToDiscreteTimeModel discretize continuous-time models