gives a model with inputs ins and outputs outs obtained by connecting the systems models sysi using connections conxs.



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Basic Examples  (3)

A series connection:

A feedback connection:

A nested connection:

The inner feedback system:

The complete system:

Scope  (6)

Connect systems of the same kind:

Connect systems of different kinds:

Connect discrete-time systems:

Multivariable systems:

A system with an internal signal that is also an output:

A system with no internal connections:

Applications  (2)

Reduce a block diagram:

The subsystems:

The connections model:

Reduce the system:

A systems model with three subsystems running on an Arduino Uno microcontroller board:

The first subsystem is a moving-average filter:

The second subsystem is a ButterworthFilterModel:

The third subsystem compares the outputs of the earlier subsystems:

The complete system:

Embed it in the microcontroller board:

Properties & Relations  (4)

SystemsModelMerge will try to merge a SystemsConnectionsModel:

SystemsModelSeriesConnect is a special case:

SystemsModelParallelConnect is a special case:

SystemsModelFeedbackConnect is a special case:

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