is an option to BodePlot and NicholsPlot that specifies the phase range.


  • The phase is a periodic function with period and is plotted by default without any discontinuity jumps due to periodicity.
  • Possible settings include:
  • Automaticunbounded range
    {ϕmin,ϕmax}, where is a multiple of
    {TemplateBox[{Automatic, paclet:ref/Automatic}, RefLink, BaseStyle -> {2ColumnTableMod}],phi_(max)}
    {phi,{n}} for and for


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Basic Examples  (2)

The phase is plotted as a continuous function:

Specify a phase range:

A system with a discontinuity in the phase due to a pair of purely imaginary poles:

Specify a phase range:

Possible Issues  (1)

The phase range must be a multiple of :

Introduced in 2014