As of Version 12.0, PredictorInformation has been superseded by Information.


generates a report giving information on the predictor function predictor.


gives information for predictor associated with property prop.


  • The predictor is typically a PredictorFunction object as generated by Predict.
  • Properties available from PredictorInformation include:
  • "BatchEvaluationTime"marginal time to predict one example when a batch is given
    "EvaluationTime"time needed to predict one example
    "ExampleNumber"number of training examples
    "FeatureTypes"feature types of the predictor input
    "FunctionMemory"memory needed to store the predictor
    "FunctionProperties"all prediction properties available for this predictor
    "IndeterminateThreshold"value of IndeterminateThreshold used by the predictor
    "LearningCurve"performance as function of training set size
    "MaxTrainingMemory"maximum memory used during training
    "MeanCrossEntropy"estimated mean cross entropy of the predictor
    "Method"value of Method used by the predictor
    "MethodDescription"summary of the method
    "MethodOption"full method option to be reused in a new training
    "Properties"all information properties available for this predictor
    "StandardDeviation"estimated standard deviation of the predictor
    "TrainingTime"time used by Predict to generate the predictor
    "UtilityFunction"value of UtilityFunction used by the predictor


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Basic Examples  (2)

Train a predictor:

Obtain general information about the predictor:

Information properties available for this predictor:

Prediction properties available for this predictor:

Train a predictor:

Display the information panel:

Only display the learning curve:

Scope  (2)

Train a linear predictor:

Get a pure function for the prediction task:

Get a pure function giving the predictor distribution:

Train a nearest-neighbors predictor:

Get a short description of the method:

Obtain a few parameters about the classifier:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2018