gives information about the expression expr.


gives the value of the property prop for expr.


gives information about all of the expri.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (3)

Get information about the Sin function:

Use the special input form:

Display just the usage message:

Get the Attributes for the Sin function:

Get information about a specific Databin:

Extract just the creation date for the bin:

Scope  (25)

Symbols  (3)

For built-in symbols, Information gives attributes, defaults, and options, as well as usage messages:

For user-defined symbols, Information gives definitions as well:

For string patterns, Information gives a clickable list of matching symbols:

Give the pattern using StringExpression:

Data Objects  (12)

Information on TemporalData expressions includes information about the paths included:

TemporalData objects, including TimeSeries and EventSeries, may include optional metadata:

DateObject expressions include the calendar, time zone and granularity:

TimeObject information includes the time zone and granularity for the given time:

Information on Quantity expressions includes the physical dimensions and SI base unit:

Information on QuantityVariable expressions includes the physical dimensions and canonical unit:

Entity expressions include different sample properties depending on the EntityTypeName:

The "Full Dataset..." link may be used to generate a full dataset of available properties:

Information includes a count of how many entities are contained in an EntityClass expression:

Implicit EntityClass expressions include additional properties:

EntityProperty expressions include a description, source, unit and other annotations including qualifiers:

EntityPropertyClass expressions include a list of EntityProperties in the class:

Get information about an Image object:

Get information about an Audio object:

Get information about a Video object:

System Objects  (10)

Information for Databin expressions includes the full bin specification, creation date and other details:

Get the list of available properties from the Information expression:

Get relevant information on a CloudObject expression:

List available properties:

Specific properties can be fetched with an explicit property specification:

File objects include some platform-specific properties, using information from the operating system:

URL information decodes information from the input URL:

Loaded LibraryFunction expressions include information about the source function:

NotebookObject expressions include details about the state of a Notebook expression:

ProcessObject information includes the exit code associated with the process:

PacletObject information includes details about a paclet:

ChannelObject information includes the channel's metadata and information about its location on the channel broker server:

ChannelListener information includes properties of the channel listener and the channel associated with it:

Options  (1)

ResolveContextAliases  (1)

Information[patt] resolves context aliases by default:

Use the ResolveContextAliases option to prevent alias resolution:

Only patterns that match the actual symbol name will produce information with this option set to False:

Properties & Relations  (6)

For symbol inputs, if no usage message exists, Information gives the symbol name only, including the context:

Add a usage message:

Information threads over its arguments:

?? is the same as Information:

? is the same as Information with a default closed state:

For functions without a usage message, ? and ?? are the same:

For a read-protected symbol, no definitions are printed:

Possible Issues  (1)

Information[symbol] gives information about the value of symbol if it has one:

Use Information["symbolName"] to get information about the symbol itself:

Alternatively, use Unevaluated[symbol]:

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