Questions and Assessment

The Wolfram Language has built-in course tools for writing and assessing questions for course material and other purposes. Questions support a wide range of interfaces, as well as fully customizable automated assessment. Q&A form notebooks provide a notebook interface for writing and distributing quizzes and related question-based documents.

Writing Questions

QuestionObject symbolic representation of a question

AssessmentFunction function for assessing answer correctness

QuestionInterface specification of an interface for answering a question

"MultipleChoice"  ▪  "TrueFalse"  ▪  "ShortAnswer"  ▪  "NumericRange"  ▪  ...

Information  ▪  Tolerance  ▪  DistanceFunction  ▪  MaxItems

Creating Quizzes

CreateNotebook["QuestionNotebook"] opens a new notebook for writing a quiz

QuestionGenerator generates a random QuestionObject in a quiz

QuestionSelector serves a randomly selected QuestionObject in a quiz


AssessmentResultObject assessment of an answer to a question