Question Interface Types

The question and assessment framework provides many different interfaces for presenting and answering questions. Interface types define the controls, styles and layouts of question objects.

Question Interface Types

"MultipleChoice" select a correct answer from a list

"ShortAnswer" enter an answer using an input field

"Code" write code to answer a question

"TrueFalse" determine whether a question is true or false

"NumericRange" choose a value from within a range

"MultipleShortAnswers" group items into categories using a table

"MultipleChoiceGrid" group items into categories using a table

"ChooseMultiple" select any number of items from a defined list

"SelectColor" choose a color

"SelectPair" categorize an item

Using Question Interface Types

QuestionInterface specify an interface type and customize properties

QuestionObject create an interactive question using any interface type

AssessmentFunction define assessment and imply an interface for a question