"MultipleChoiceGrid" (Question Interface Type)


provides a grid of values and categories, where one category is selected for each value.


  • In a multiple-choice grid question, exactly one category must be chosen for each value.
  • By default, "MultipleChoiceGrid" question interfaces use a grid of radio buttons for selection.


  • In QuestionInterface["MultipleChoiceGrid",props], props is an Association that supports the following keys:
  • "Prompt"Nonetext asking the user a question
    "Choices"requiredvalues available for selection
    "Categories"requiredclassifications available for selection

Corresponding AssessmentFunction

  • "MultipleChoiceGrid" is the automatically assigned interface type for an AssessmentFunction of the form AssessmentFunction[{k1<|"Category"c1|>k2<|"Category"c2|>},<|"ElementwiseAssessment"True|>].


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Basic Examples  (2)

A multiple-choice grid question:

A multiple-choice grid question with assessment:

Scope  (1)

A logic question with assessment: